Cost calculator

The information displayed by this tool provides the public with reference information on the costs associated with the listing, registration and negotiation of a public offer within Latinex. This information is subject to change without prior notice.

Sustainable emission

Initial cost:

Annual cost:


  1. Advance payment will not be refundable. The rest of the primary market commission will be collected by compensation through the Stock Exchange placing the issue. The primary market commission table, as well as what is indicated in this note, will also apply to all issues that are registered at the entry into force of this tariff.

  2. It is paid at the time of submitting the registration application for each issue to Latinex. In the event that the issue has been authorized by the SMV and registration in Latinex has not been completed in the following 6 months, the cost of USD 150.00 must be paid again for each issue. In both cases this cost will not be refundable, nor creditable to other requests.

  3. For VCNs, the volume discount is reset annually to 0.12500%.

General disposition:

The fees of Stock Market Posts and/or Issuers will be collected through the clearing and settlement system of Central Latinoamericana de Valores, S A with the National Bank of Panama or through any other mechanism authorized by the Board of Directors of Latinex. In the case of Issuers, the charge will be made by compensation to the Payment, Registration and Transfer Agent (or Settlement Bank) of the issue.

Trading commissions calculated based on ACT/360.

The established rates may be modified when the Latinex Board of Directors deems it appropriate.