Corporate market makers

Market Makers, also known as Market Makers in English, are those entities designated with the objective of promoting liquidity to the market through purchase and sale offers, complying with the obligations defined in this document.


All brokerages can apply to be a market maker for any security at any time. To be a market creator of corporate sector instruments, it is necessary to present the following documents to Latinex:

  1. Request letter from the stock exchange, indicating the data of the instrument on which it will act as market maker.
  2. Copy of the internal procedures of the exchange to act as a market maker.
  3. Copy of the contract signed between the stock exchange and the issuer.


  1. No commission will be charged on transactions carried out by market makers for their own position, but it will be credited to the commissions they must generate monthly.
  2. A differentiated rate, as expressed in the Latinex tariff, will be applied to transactions carried out by market makers for the position of third parties.
  3. The market maker of a corporate instrument will have matching priority over a brokerage that is not a market maker.
  4. Reputational and visibility benefits include both the promotion by Latinex of the corporate market makers program, as well as the promotion of the stock exchange positions that are part of the program, in addition to their performance within the ranking.
  5. With greater marketability of instruments, the presence of issuing companies in the local stock market is encouraged.
  6. Brokerages belonging to banking groups can be market makers for their own instruments.


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