Requirements to be a Stock Market Post

In Latinex there are three types of Members:

  1. Full member
    Aquella casa de valores que es titular de un Puesto de Bolsa
  2. Associate member
    Aquella casa de valores que, sin ser titular de un Puesto de Bolsa, está autorizado para operar en ella, de acuerdo con las Reglas Internas de la Bolsa
  3. Remote operator
    The brokerage house of Recognized Jurisdiction admitted Latinex to operate remotely from outside the Republic of Panama

The members of Latinex are dedicated to the business of buying and selling securities, either on behalf of third parties or on their own account. Transactions on the Stock Exchange are carried out through the intermediation of persons qualified and authorized by the Superintendence of the Stock Market to function as securities brokerage agents, who have the authorization of the Stock Exchange, after having met certain requirements that allow you to buy and sell securities

All Exchange Members must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a Brokerage House License from the Superintendence of the Stock Market.
  2. Dedicate yourself solely and exclusively to the brokerage house business.
  3. Have a Main Executive, Securities Broker and a Compliance Officer who comply with the provisions of the Superintendency of the Securities Market.
  4. Contar con un capital pagado no menor de USD 250,000
  5. Be a beneficiary of the fidelity and compliance policies required by Latinclear.
  6. Meet the requirements to be a Latinclear Participant.
  7. Comply with Latinex Internal Rules.

In the case of a Full Member, the brokerage house can acquire the right to the position through an auction or purchase it from a local holder.

The Associate Member acquires the right to operate on the Latin American Stock Exchange as long as it meets the requirements described in the previous paragraphs and by signing the Associate Member Agreement.

The Remote Operator, likewise, acquires the right to operate on the Latin American Stock Exchange provided that it comes from a Recognized Jurisdiction, meets the requirements previously mentioned, and signs an Associate Member Agreement and the Remote Operation Agreement.