International listing

The Latinex International Listing Market is an excellent place to list on the secondary market debt issues that do not require registration with Panamanian regulation, but still need a listing on a "recognized stock exchange." The International Listing Market is a market operated by the Latin American Stock Exchange, SA (Latinex) and authorized by the Superintendence of the Securities Market of Panama (SMV).

This is a platform designed to allow issuers to meet their listing requirements, offering an alternative in their own time zone, language and currency.

Personalized attention

Greater flexibility

Competitive times and rates

Addressed to

  1. Issuers legally constituted in Panama or abroad.
  2. Instruments for placement or initial sale (primary market) outside the Republic of Panama.
  3. Instruments under jurisdiction recognized by the SMV.
  4. Instruments under a registration exemption scheme.

Issuer Ticker Instrument Emission Expiration Rate Series amount Price