November 23, 2023. The Central American Stock Exchange (BCV) and the Central La6noamericana de Valores (La6nclear) announce the signing of a Securities Deposit, Custody, Administration and Registration Contract. This pioneering agreement establishes and regulates mechanisms and services that will facilitate clients of the Central American Stock Exchange of Honduras to carry out transactions in the territory of Panama with securities deposited in La6nclear. The main objective of this contract is to allow clients to carry out transactions with securities, whether represented by electronic book entries or securities, without the need for physical transfer of the latter. This considerably simplifies and speeds up the process, offering efficiency and flexibility to financial operations. The Contract includes a wide range of services, including custody and correspondent services, thus providing a comprehensive solution for the needs of clients of the Central American Stock Exchange. This strategic collaboration between BCV and La6nclear will strengthen the financial infrastructure in the region, facilitating an environment conducive to investment and the economic development of the securities markets.